12 Months since this Blog was first launched

The first blog on this site was originally scripted in April 2017 but the dates for some blogs were changed to show the history of my Lymphoma experience.

Since launching we have been viewed by 60 Countries worldwide and 6,407 official views. The most popular day however was the 24th of Oct 2017


And the map looks a little like this


May 2017 still remains the most viewed month followed by March 2018. The support has been great thank you

Since the blog was launched there has only been one day that no one visited the site and that was Saturday the 7th of April 2018, this was the day that I rushed to Dublin as my Mum was given hours to live but she managed to fight off death for 48 hours, glad I got that gene. Now I find this so strange that in the full year we had visitors to the blog every single day except the 7th. Obviously at the time I did not notice this as my mind was elsewhere but it has raised the hairs on my neck just thinking about the how and why this happened.

So this is blog number 28 and more to come very shortly, 5,890 words spread over 12 months.

As previously promised I will not change any of the details on the blogs as they were scripted as it happened and tells the real story, in some or most cases during therapy I have not gone into great detail but this is my story as I see it and the end result still remains as remission.

I have listed the blog post below:

 Mum 1932 – 2018

12 Months 1 year or 365 days later ….

Walking on Eggshells – March 2018

Moving on up … Feb 2018

My Relapse: Remission January 2018

My Relapse Story: Remission – In or Out

My Relapse Story: PET Scan (P.E.T. Number 10) & Blood test Results update

My Relapse Story: Summary

My Relapse Story: Post Stem Cell Transplant Plus Day 4 to discharged

My Relapse Story: Post Stem Cell Transplant

My Relapse Story: Stem Cell Transplant 13th July 2017

 My Relapse Story: B.E.A.M Chemotherapy 6th July 2017

Awareness 2017

My Relapse Story: Stem Cell Harvest 6th June 2017

My Relapse Story: ICE Cycle 3 – 27th May 2017

My Relapse Story: Stem Cell Transplant Team meeting 23rd May 2017

My Relapse Story: ICE Cycle 2 – P.E.T. Scan 18th May 2017 (P.E.T. Number 9)

My Relapse Story : ICE Cycle 2 – 2nd May 2017   Ian Doherty

My Relapse Story : ICE Cycle 1 – 10th April 2017   Ian Doherty

What happened to Speed Express 


P.E.T Scan #3 Sept 2014

 ABVD Chemotherapy 2014 Part 2 May to August

 ABVD Chemotherapy Part 1 March to April 2014

Mental and Physical approach to regimes Feb 2014

Diagnoses & Staging Feb to March 2014

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Awareness This is where the Full Story will Start…….. 10th Feb 2014

Our Mission Blog

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