The Master Bedroom by Anita 2021

Where to begin….
Let’s go back to August 2020. Ian was in isolation but still working from home, he was doing roughly about 60 hours a week. Any free time was spent working in the garden weather permitting. He kept going upstairs and measuring, sometimes drawing and then budgeting. I knew he was planning something big.
The house was built in 1905 and underwent various extensions. By 2004 it had 5 bedrooms, a kitchen, TV room, a sitting room, 4 en-suites and a family bathroom. Ian purchased the house in 2019. He renovated most of the downstairs, the family bathroom and 2 of the upstairs bedrooms. Upstairs consisted of 4 bedrooms and 4 en-suites. To the left at the top of the stairs were bedrooms 1 and 2. These were “lightly” renovated. To the right of the stairs was a 16ft long hallway
to bedroom 3 & 4. This section of the house was was in a poor condition. Bedroom 3 was a double bedroom with an en-suite- the en-suite was unusable as the toilet leaked, the wash hand basin leaked and we never tried the shower unit as we suspected it leaked. Bedroom 4 was a little bigger than a single bedroom, the en-suite was small with a working electric shower but some of the wiring was badly exposed. 
Ian had come up with a few ideas but close to the end of August he had a plan.
Oh my God.
He sat back and discussed it with me. To be fair I partly imagined what it would look like but seeing is believing.
He commenced gutting the two bedrooms and as he was working away we kept finding more and more issues. Especially under the floorboards- Wires we joined together without covers, pipes were wrapped with cloths, boards rotten – that was just bedroom 3. Bedroom 4 was worse. The en-suite had bare wires under the shower unit, the shower was supported by a car jack – seriously it was dangerous. So it was all gutted. Everything gone into 2 large skips.
After gutting them Ian went into the attic- basically rewired everything. Cleared pipes and braced the entire roof. He then insulated the lot.
I’d be here all day listing the work done to the rooms but it included, completely rewired, new plumbing, fully insulated floor, new floorboards, new drywall’s, complete replastering – then he attacked bedroom 4’s en-suite. He extended the bathroom by 4 ft and went straight into a rebuilt. Again new floors, new water basin, support floor, new ceiling etc etc etc. We picked the tiles and bathroom suite, the jigsaw puzzle was coming together. What was part of bedroom 4 was split into two sections, one was the extended en-suite and the other a walk in wardrobe. The walk-in includes a panic/secure room and emergency exit so I will not be showing any photos of it. But yet again I am completely taken back at what he achieved here. Most of what you see really started in December and apart from Christmas Day and New Year’s Day Ian has worked flat out. Apart from laying the carpet he done the lot. Electrics, security, plumbing, carpentry, insulation, boarding, plastering, lighting, painting and designing. To give you an idea of size the bedroom is 16ft x 14ft, the en-suite 6ft x 8ft and walk-in 10ft x 8ft. Not everything went according to plan, there were accidents like burst pipes, injuries (went through a couple of packs of plasters) electric shocks and even slipping and putting his leg through the ceiling, but nothing stopped him February 19th 2021 And here is the end results


      1. Ken Healy. He is moving the camera system today. But most likely the gates are next, then demolishing the garage. Mostly depends on weather and the meeting with oncologist.
        He won’t stop and has plans to repaint inside and out. I’m afraid to think if there’s other plans been made. As you know Ian looks months and years ahead so god only knows.
        Let Liz know I said hello please


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