Oncologist First Meeting Feb 2021 Part 2

Since the blood test I have been a little concerned. Fatigue has returned and taken its toll this week but Monday night my neck swelled. I am anxious about meeting the oncologist even more than normal. Only cancer patients will fully understand the feeling you get prior to these meetings, I am no exception to that. It’s more a psychological issue than anything else, even for someone like me with a positive mind set. There is always a waiting time, it’s when the oncologist is running over their notes – my file is like an encyclopaedia. Notation was vital as it was charted as a rare case due to the attack on my right eye. I was 51 when diagnosed in 2014, Stage 4 B Hodgkins Lymphoma Multiple Sites with spread to liver, right lung (vital organs) and secondary to throat and right eye. But the waiting is the difficult part.

Psychological issue relates to mental health, an area of extreme interest to me. All going well at this meeting my next article will be based on mental health

But the fact that I have been isolating since April 2020 has not helped my psychological wellbeing. Prior to this meeting I was already considering the fatigue as more Covid related than Cancer. My neck has swollen more than once over the past 3 years and they tend to blame the massive level of radiotherapy in 2014, with long term nerve damage to the area. But there is still a dark area inside my brain that screams prior to these meetings.

Of course none of this is helped by the fact that on Monday morning my mobile rang, the caller ID was my oncologist…

I have the oncologist landline and mobile number stored under his name. But luckily it was his secretary calling to confirm procedures due to Covid for the meeting today. Monday afternoon I changed his ring tone. This is so I know who it is before I look at the screen. And the selected ringtone “The wonderful Wizard”

Because, because, because, because, because
Because of the wonderful things he does

what can I say…..

I was initially diagnosed on the 14th of Feb 2014, so 7 years and 11 days later

Thursday 25th of February 2021

And here we go.

Blood test results

First of all my oncologist was in fantastic humour. Before I got in the door he said “Ian your blood test were amazing, we have records of test taken long before you were first diagnosed that we’re not as good as these. I have never seen a transformation like this”

Then a full physical examination “just keeps getting better. Physically your in better shape than someone 1/2 your age.” Oh my “there is absolutely nothing to suggest that you are not completely clear. Whatever your doing keep doing it”

And it gets better…


I have a green light and he has placed me into Group 4 . Group 4 for high risk to Covid due to Stage 4 Lymphoma. He asked me to contact my GP as soon as possible to organise vaccination.

And it gets even better…


Once I have received the first and second injections I can return to fully time work 3 weeks later.

All so powerfully positive

We discussed the swelling to my neck and he felt that this would be a long term effect of radiotherapy. I should only be concerned if the swelling stays inflamed or painful.

Fatigue He sat back and looked straight into my eyes. “Ian we dragged you through hell and back, we administered the most aggressive levels of Chemotherapy and radiotherapy on you. We they done a full stem cell transplant. On 3 occasions you were classed as terminal but by some miracle you not only survived but fully recovered. I have nicknamed you a Chemo Monster, but the reality’s that you have exceeded all expectations. The fatigue could be battle stress, not only have you unbelievable beaten a chronic level of Cancer twice but you recovered to return to work. Even then you were forced into isolation for the last 10 months. Fatigue or PTSD it doesn’t matter it is my belief that you will beat this.”

He wants to see me after I get the booster Covid injection and in particular before I return to a working environment.

I really can’t explain how fantastic I felt leaving his office. 3 1/2 years in remission

This meeting has changed everything and all for the better…. 


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