Cancer Warrior: Terry

A true Warrior

I have known Terry since about 2000. We first met in Lanzarote where I co-owned a bar called Nancy Spain’s
In September 2001 I formally interviewed Terry for a managers position in the bar. It’s easy to remember the exact date because during the interview the second plane crashed into the World Trade Centre in New York 9/11. We watched with horror as the scenes developed and our heads were bowed low. Our hearts sank as we both knew that life as we had known would be forever changed.


I’ve always classed Terry as a trustworthy friend. Time drifted us apart as I had to return to Ireland. But over the years we kept in contact.
Throughout my diagnosis Terry helped me by supporting as much as possible. During my first remission we visited Terry to meet his new born son Tyler.And his beautiful wife Sara. That was the 12 of June 2016.
We’ve laughed we’ve cried we both shared grief and joy.

We never needed to talk every day or month or even year. But we have both known that if we needed each other then the world became a very small place

28th March 2022 I was painting the ceiling of the house I just purchased in Kerry and my mobile rang. It was via Messenger and the caller ID was Terry. I had gloves on and couldn’t answer. So a few moments later I called back.
I have to be honest and no idea why but I felt something bad was happening. Terry resides in Lanzarote. The call started “Hi Terry is everything okay mate?” The answer was “No I have bad news Ian” and Terry commenced detailing that he had a rare form of Sarcoma, diagnosed as inoperable Stage 4 MPNST Sarcoma. He had all the information compiled including blood test, radiology reports and oncology reports. Diagnosis was life ending within 3 months.
Like a switch I commenced working with my friend to battle this cancer. But I needed time to understand this cancer as I’d personally never heard of it. With the exception of Anita I’ve not had to work with a cancer victim that I was close with. But friendship aside we commenced the positive mental assault against cancer. Over the following 48 hours I shared experiences with Terry. He had a defined PMA, positive mental attitude. And the battle began.
That was 28th March. The prognosis was actually a week before hand.
I had an appointment with my oncologist the following week but had a no fly restriction slapped on me. Which remained in place till nearly the end of May. But once released I booked the flight.
The photo below was taken on the 15th June, 3 months since terminally diagnosed and just look at this warrior

Terry is second from the left

This man is inspirational. I’m not going to detail what Terry has gone through in the past 3 months but it includes a very aggressive form of Chemotherapy . He has shocked his medical team with his approach and positivity. Yet again cancer has picked the wrong person to fight, it’s early days in Terrys war but he has already started to beat the odds. But not only is he raging war against Sarcoma but he is supporting other victims.

I have seen Terry working with another friend of ours who’s husband committed suicide in April of this year. This man is empowering, empathetic and a genuinely caring person. I’m honoured and privileged to have such a man as a friend

Blankets of Hope (Cork Cancer Care Centre) very kindly presented this beautiful blanket to Terry. These blankets are hand knitted by volunteers to the Center. They are a fantastic organisation. The blankets are a symbol of hope and strength. Thank you Linda and team, as always a great support for victims.

Scan results 23 June 2022

Good things happen to good people and Terry is a great person

Scan results after 4 cycles of Chemotherapy and they are incredible. Terry has done the impossible yet again. The scan not only shows that the tumours are reactive to chemotherapy but there are no new sites, smaller tumours have been destroyed, the 3 lymph nodes have been reduced AND the large inoperable tumour to the rear of his lung has reduced from 7.2cm to just under 5cm.

It gets better. The oncology team are continuing with the current chemotherapy for 2 more cycles with a view to another scan in 6 weeks. They consider that the tumour site behind the lung could be removed. They may extend chemotherapy by 4 to 6 cycles after the scan.

3 1/2 months ago he was told he had 3 months. Now they are looking at a man that has proved them wrong. They are talking more about continued treatment. Here is a man that has already created his Impossible Dream.

Together we are stronger
This photo was taken today 23 June 2022 about 2 hours after results and following Terry’s fifth Chemotherapy. Making the impossible possible

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