Tonsillectomy & Biopsies to throat July 2015

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The results from my PET Scan showed that there were Cancer cells present but appeared to be isolated to my neck and throat, with possible activity in my right tonsil. This was confirmed and I got called into see the Oncologist in June 2015. When I was told this I kinda started laughing which the Oncologist didn’t like. I explained that I had them removed when I was quite young, so the Oncologist started laughing. He explained that they grow back. I really didn’t know that, so I felt like a gobshite. Anyway he set up an appoint with an E.N.T specialist (Ears Nose and Throat) who examined me two days later and set up an appointment to enter hospital for a throat biopsy and Tonsillectomy. He took close to 20 samples and a complete Tonsillectomy. When I awoke my throat felt like it was on fire, but I was released from hospital the following day.

The E.N.T surgeon completed the operation in late July 201

Samples were sent for testing in Dublin, London, Paris and US. The results came back as “inconclusive”  three weeks later.

Inconclusive really means that basically the four centres could not conclude the findings. I could not get further information about this but in Lymphoma a patients regimes are agreed by a panel of Lymphoma Oncologists – they could not agree on how serious the results were. So by late September 2015 the decision to do another PET scan was agreed.

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