Oncologist Meeting March 2022

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2022 March Oncologist meeting

Well here we are in March 2022. 6 months since my last meeting with my oncologist.
15th March 2022, I had my bloods done and will find out on the 24th what the results are.
But I am concerned. The lymph nodes in my neck have swollen again. The center part of my back (where they preformed a biopsy in 2017) is also quiet painful. Battling fatigue but I seem to be better at that since last year.

A few updates before discussing my oncology meeting

The blog site has now reached 36,500 people worldwide. And the stat’s for this year look to be level with last year.

The House. Got the heating sorted and moved in fully on 1 March. Busy redecorating and fixing the house but love the place. Already started working on the gardening. I’ll post up photos next month of the changes made. As an added bonus the weather improved in Ireland from Wednesday 23rd so I decided to buy external paint and on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th I managed to paint the exterior

The Dog. As you know we had to have our 10 year old Pomeranian Benji put to sleep in January. Anita’s birthday was the 14 Feb and I bought her a Jack Russell Terrier called Alfie In reality the should switch Terrier with terrorist. But he is starting to settle somewhat.

But back to Thursday 24th
I had dual appointments with the oncologist and a radiotherapy dental surgeon
I got a call on Wednesday from the oncologist secretary- my oncologist had tested positive for Covid so my appointment was cancelled until Wednesday the 30th.

The oncologist however sent me a copy of my blood test. All looked good with the exception of two vital readings ESR and LDH both of these are markers for infection, ESR more for lymphoma and LDH more for pneumonia. It’s a serious concern
So all I had on the 24th was the dental surgeon.

Since August last year I have had 3 bottom teeth loose. A direct effect of radiotherapy. My dentist could not remove these teeth without authorisation from the oncologist who had referred me to the specialist. An hour waiting and €120 later the specialist said I was okay to have the teeth removed- 8 months of waiting on a private appointment to be told “yes they can be removed” waste of time and money. I refused to allow the specialist do the removal as I’ve known my dentist for over 25 years and she will sort them.

Wednesday 30th Oncologist meeting

A beautiful day here in Cork but not as nice as Kerry.
My oncologist is fully recovered from Covid he had a few rough days but in reasonable good form

As I had prior knowledge of my blood test results there were no surprises. He preformed a full physical examination. He felt that the blood test definitely showed I was fighting another infection but he also felt it was not lymphoma. Pneumonia was more likely but I have more blood test plus a CT-NTAP within next fortnight

CT-NTAP is a Cat Scan examination of combined anatomical regions were neck-thorax-abdomen-pelvis (NTAP), thorax-abdomen (TA), thorax-abdomen-pelvis (TAP), and abdomen-pelvis (AP).
I’ve had a number of these over the years and as I’m approaching 5 years post stem cell transplant it’s vital that they confirm no reoccurrence. I have known my oncologist since he first diagnosed me in February 2014 so we have a very close & trusted relationship.

If the blood test & CT scan show another infection and not related to lymphoma he may do an antibody infusion but will make that call in a few weeks.

Generally speaking he feels that the combination of the stem cell transplant in 2017, Covid in 2020 and multiple pneumonia attacks last year has left my immune system completely  deflated.

HOWEVER he has confirmed that I remain in full remission- 4 1/2 years and aiming for the 5 year all clear in 6 months. 

I will update after the CT NTAP

The photo below of Kathy and Terry has a very special meaning for me at this time.

You are never alone mate and I will be here for you now and forever

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