Biopsies to Throat & Base of Tongue July 2016

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A year since I was last admitted and here I am again in the ENT ward on my way for biopsies to the throat and base of tongue. Some warnings were given that this procedure included biopsies from the area directly within the voice box, I may have speech issues either temporary or long term. And if the surgeon did find a cancerous tumour then he could remove it. I agreed and off we went. I set a new personal record from recovering from a full anesthetic (general anesthesia is a medically induced coma with loss of protective reflexes,


resulting from the administration of one or more general anaesthetic agents) from being removed from the operating table to being placed in recovery it took 7 minutes to come around – much to the surprise of the nursing team. I sat up looked at the clock and tried to get out of bed, the nurses ran at me to keep me still. My voice was okay (I think) – one of the nurses said “where do you think your going” my answer was “I’m late for a meeting in work and have to go” very delusional.

Anyway the ENT surgeon came to see my a little later and said all went well, he had removed eight samples from my tongue and ten samples from my throat. He said there was no immediate cause for concern. Next day I went to that work meeting that I was late for the day before and secured the business.

August 2016 I meet the oncologist but he was not happy. The test had proven to be inconclusive and they wanted another PET scan. But I was too close to my last one in May and as I was now way above the maximum threshold for these scans I had to wait till Oct.

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