Anita’s Post: Happy 60th Birthday Ian 2022

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Written by Anita Webster
Created by Anita Webster.

Inspired by Ian Doherty.

Dated June 12th 2022

Another article from me but with a difference
Its a sneaky blog as I’m an administrator on the site and the page does not have to be approved by Ian

It’s Ian’s 60th birthday today……

This photo was taken today June 12th 2022 on the beach in Playa Chica. He has just come out from a swim. I caught a photo as he was walking down and these. I did get asked by Ian “What are you up to” as I am writing this on the beach

He is still as Cool, Calm, windswept and ruggedly handsome as he was the day we met.

It’s hard to believe what this man has been through over the past 8 years including beating Terminally Diagnosed Stage 4 cancer twice , he has just been told that he is now in 5 years remission and classed as cancer free. He has beaten Covid 19 in 2020 and 6 pneumonia attacks since 2020.
In the past year he sold his house in Cork and secured a beautiful home in Kerry.
He now calls the remission “The impossible Dream” and I know the true meaning of that

He shares his life stories to create awareness & help others whenever he can. It’s endless.
Personally as a rare cancer victim myself, VIN Cancer, I understood Ian’s philosophy after watching him battle Multiple Lymphoma. His “together we are stronger” never ending positivity guided me through a very dark & dangerous chapter in my life. We will never know how many other victims Ian has helped as he keeps it very private. But this endless knowledge, understanding, caring, psychological man makes it his mission in life to support others. For those like myself it’s unbelievable the absolute love this man shares and empowers those that need him. Watching him working with cancer victims is unreal he has a way of calming people,encouraging them motivating them, helping them but everything is done in such a casual manner,he can turn tears to laughter, fear to fight and sorrow to joy. Nothing is forced, it’s all suggestions. The frightening thing is that Ian has and is helping people with other forms of cancer. People have said they don’t know how to thank him, his answer is “ beat cancer tell your story and help others, don’t hide it as it’s vital that you inspire others through your experience”

His view is to openly talk about cancer and present himself as a prime example that cancer can be beaten with mind body soul & a motivated medical team (not sure who motivated who but the team love him and call him The Chemo Monster)

But… just look at that photo ! I’ve know Ian 22 years, and physically he hasn’t changed (maybe a couple of kilos here and there and more grey hairs). But he is so caring & empathetic you wouldn’t believe.

This is our first holiday in nearly 5 years, Ian got here a week before me I’m not going to discuss why but it’s to help a friend and meet friends he’s not seen in a long time.

Oh and I might be a little biased but

“What a body”

ian walking

PS always “felt” he has a great arse …… I nearly fell off the curb taking this photo 😱 very distracting 👀

Happy birthday Ian, you most definitely are cool, calm, windswept, ruggedly handsome & wonderful xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PSS There have been comments about Ian’s weight loss both directly & indirectly to us and yes his clothes look baggy on him but I decided to post these photos to show that in reality he is in brilliant physical shape for a 60 year old battle warrior & even stronger mentally. His focus is to help others, create awareness & promote mental health through positive thinking. So comments like

He’s lost a lot of weight or His clothes are hanging off him or
Skinny, – he is a lean fighting machine and maintains a healthy weight. Comments like these are hurtful & unnecessary. Ian’s physical strength is as strong as his mental health. Neither should ever be challenged…
Cancer really changed you, – cancer has not changed Ian it has changed everyone around him. Close friends know how empathetic and helpful Ian is.
That weight loss makes him look older – “Seriously!!!!” Ian is 60 today and has had battles with Cancer, Covid, pneumonia and grief. Personally I think he looks fantastic. He is walking an average of 20,000 steps a day here because of the weather. Most people that meet Ian can’t believe he is 60 as he looks in his late forty’s early fifties he has more energy than most twenty year olds.
And as for all the other negative comments please cop on , if you’ve nothing nice to say then shut the f**k up.

You old bugger you, keep fighting the good fight cos we all love you xxx 😘

Anita Webster

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  1. Anita, Ian is so lucky to have you in his life, and you’re equally lucky to have him. You’ve both been through so much but despite it all your love and respect of each other is so evident in everything you both share. You give each other strength. Give him a hug from me and enjoy your holiday. Oh, and yes, I agree on the ass 😉

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  2. Ian looks darn good for a 60 year old! My husband has been on a health regime, at my insistence, for the last couple of years. He looks so skinny now that the neighbors keep asking me if I feed him. He also has a nice bum…

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    1. I do a lot of refurbishing and gardening in the house, plus walking. So it’s more down to exercise. I’ve not tried any diets and with the cold weather heading in I may start an exercise plan. The 60th was in Lanzarote so I was averaging 20,000 steps a day, swimming and the warm weather help with body weight.
      Thank you for the compliments 😃

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