Cancer Awareness 2023 Sponsor & Donation Appeal

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I have launched this GoFundMe page to raise funding to continue both the Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Awareness site and The Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Blog site

Unfortunately I am no longer in a position to personally fund these sites due to long term unemployment mostly due to Covid 19 and the continued increase in the cost of living. I have coached a substantial number of victims through Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Stem Cell Transplants. Both the physical, psychologic and Mental health aspects of Cancer. But without funding I will not be in a position to keep funding the awareness.

The Blog has reached 40,000 viewers in 120 countries. I receive multiple e-mails from victims and their families. But I have only been able to afford to meet three of these victims. The cost of travel is now way beyond my capacity.

All donations received to go towards Awareness and assisting victims to manage the effects of Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Stem Cell Transplants.

I hope to raise between €8,000 and €10,000 to allow funding for the following:

  • Website Development and continued upkeep
  • WordPress Business blog system and continued articles
  • Protentional fund Travel to multiple destinations to assist victims

Please help to allow me to continue this awareness campaign. Any amount of a donation no matter how small will be gratefully received.

If you are a business and wish to sponsor the websites please contact me    

Funds raised will go towards the continued work on and cover travel costs associated with visiting cancer victims

Cancer Awareness

A tribute to Paul Allen 1953 – 2018

Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft . Paul was diagnosed with Stage 1-A Hodgkins Lymphoma 1982. His cancer was successfully treated. at the height of his business career he beat it to become a businessman worth 20 billion, But Paul was relapsed 27 years later with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2009. Likewise, the cancer was successfully treated until it returned in 2018. It ultimately caused his death by septic shock in 2018. He was 65 years old. Paul left a legacy that history will never forget. The two research institutes Paul Allen established in Seattle focused on artificial intelligence, brain and cell science and immunology are growing.

“The Allen Institute for Immunology is working to understand the dynamic balancing act of the human immune system, how it senses friend from foe and what goes wrong when we’re ill. Our studies aim to translate deep knowledge of the immune system in health and disease to improve the diagnosis”, part of this research includes the IVIG treatment I am currently doing

Paul Allen left a working legacy to help fellow cancer victims.

This blog site has had 38,000 viewers worldwide from 120 countries, and that’s without pushing it. We absolutely must stand together to fight cancer.

Let’s reach out and help others because
Together we are stronger

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