P.E.T. Scan Oct 2015 (P.E.T. Number 5)

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PET Scans are dangerous to a persons life. They equate to about 50 x rays so the exposure to radiation is high. The maximum recommended number of scans over 12 months is 2. This scan was number 5 in less than 20 months but it was considered the only way forward. The results came in and I got called into meet the Oncologist.

The oncologist was in great form, he explained that he was just off a conference call with two professors and that the Lymphoma Panel had fully agreed to place me into Partial remission, Partial remission means that there are cancer cells present but not active. Over the previous six months they had carefully examined the PET scans and biopsies and concluded that even with cancer cells being present they were not active. They also concluded that there was no treatment available, that there was no form of Chemotherapy needed and they could not expose me to radiotherapy again. So I was placed in Partial remission with an appointment set for Feb 2016 with a CT Scan and blood test.

Partial remissionThis really concerned me as I had little understanding of the terminology. Basically I was not in remission but had a greater chance of achieving remission. Cancer cells were present in the lymph nodes but not active. There could have been a number of reasons for this and I will attempt to explain in another post but most likely alternative medication had cloaked the cells. But my view was that the possibility of full remission was now been discussed and that’s a long way from been told I had less than 8 weeks to live in Dec 2014. The battle continues….

Still not going to ring that bell… but you never knows

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