Suspected Kidney Failure Nov 2016

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Kidney Stones

Kidney stones (renal lithiasis, nephrolithiasis) are hard deposits made of minerals and salts that form inside your kidneys. Kidney stones have many causes and can affect any part of your urinary tract — from your kidneys to your bladder.

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Bet your wondering what is he talking about Kidney Stones for. In 1993 I was rushed to hospital. I had extreme pains to my abdomen and left side. I was in excellent physical condition in 1993, 31 and very healthy. I was self employed as a Logistic and business management strategy consultant with Apple and Horizon in Cork. But the pain from my side was unreal I actually thought I had ruptured something during training. I was taken into the hospital and given morphine to ease back the pain, I was then x-rayed and they found this tiny stone that had got trapped between the kidney and bladder (I passed it that afternoon in hospital) This was about the size of seed but with crystal sharp edges. But something this small had caused the most severe level of pain I had ever experienced. I was allowed out of hospital that day but it turned out that the stones were reoccurring. I actually get about 20 a month every month since back in 1993. My Urologist is in the same hospital that my Oncologist is in which as you will soon read is really important.

To me kidney stones are nothing of concern. If a stone is produced that’s too big to physically pass I get in contact with my Urologist and he will remove it surgically. Minor operation to do this and it has only been necessary five times in 20 years. There is no cure. They really don’t bother me as I have grown used to them.

Suspected Kidney Failure Nov 2017

kidney stone xray

Now it gets complicated. I get an urgent call from my oncologist to get in and see him that day, so I went straight from work over to his office. The results of the PET came back and this comes in a few waves. First and most import it was all bad. It appeared that there were multiple stones in BOTH kidneys, in particular my left kidney. One or more of these stones was blocking the left kidney. They estimated a cluster of about 30 plus in the left and 14 in the right. I have never had stones in the right kidney. Many years before this my Urologist had warned that at some point the damage caused by stones in my left kidney could result in the loss of that kidney. The blockage had caused havoc on the PET scan and basically the scan could not be read to the entire left of my body. So the Oncologist rang my Urologist (Their offices are directly across the road from each other) and the Urologist said that he would call me directly. So off we went home, on route the Urologist rang me, it was a Thursday at  6:30pm and I knew instantly this was bad. He had me booked in for a CT Scan on Friday and I had an appointment to see him on the Monday. Over the weekend I had drank about 20 ltrs of water (a great way to clear kidneys) and I knew I had passed a considerable number of stones. I arrived at the appointment and the Urologist (I know him over 20 years and its on first name basis) broke bad news, he felt that the left kidney had ceased working and that it was completely blocked. He pointed out that this needed surgical intervention but with the history of Lymphoma he was really concerned. I told him that I had passed a large number of stones and blood over the weekend. He done a physical examination but was still quite concerned. He rang into the admissions in the hospital and they told him that unless critical the earliest free bed and operating opening was Wednesday. So he booked me in. But he looked at me and said “Ian I’ve known you for years and I trust your judgement, do you feel you have unblocked that left kidney” my answer was truthfully Yes. He then lifted the phone and called the Radiology department and booked a CT Scan for Wednesday morning. He explained that the last thing he wanted to do was remove my left kidney but it looked likely and I was to understand that the appointment for admission was to have my left kidney removed. However he wanted a second look at the kidney through a CT Scan on the Wed morning, backed with a meeting to see him at noon that day which was roughly the admission time. I arrived at the hospital with my overnight bag packed (for a week) went to the CT unit had my scan and went off for a coffee before meeting the Urologist. This gentleman is not classed as a Doctor but a Mr – he is one of the best in Ireland. He called me into his office and had test results spread all over his desk. His words “I have no idea how you have done this Ian but you have managed to clear all the stones from your left kidney and what remains in your right kidney is just grit” he looked at my face and I have to say I was speechless – he lifted the phone and cancelled the admission and called the Oncologist. They spoke in high medical terms for a few minutes and he hung up. He then looked straight into my eyes and said “I have the pleasure to tell you that you are still in remission and I have no reason to proceed, congratulations Ian I am absolutely delighted for you”

How good is that… but it didn’t last long

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