Oncologist Meeting 18th December 2018

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285 days in full remission.

522 days since my Stem Cell Transplant

Had my full blood test on the 12th and the meeting with my oncologist 18th

I was concerned and the reasons been that I have had a number of reoccurring daily fatigue episodes and a week before the blood test my neck swelled a little close to one of the original lymph node sites. The peripheral neuropathy seem more intense than normal.

The oncologist was in great form. He informed me straight away that all my blood were better than normal. I briefed him on my concerns so he preformed a full examination. He concluded that the swelling & peripheral neuropathy were related to the Radiotherapy in 2014 and the fatigue was to be expected.

At this point I had to ask the oncologist if he would allow me to return to work full time. This was vital as the nature of my work could not be done part time. I explained in great detail what I would be doing from 2 Jan 2019 added to the fact that I was diagnosed as Terminal Stage 4 Lymphoma in March 2017 so to return to work would require a detailed letter from the Oncologist

I’ll use his words “Ian is to be commended on his planned return to work in January 2019 after his onerous treatment for Stage 4 Lymphoma ” what a lovely thing for this man to say.

I can’t fully explain the plans for January 2019 as there is a non disclosure agreement in place but I have secured a senior management role in Cork commencing from 2nd of Jan 2019 as sanctioned by the Oncologist (I will be writing a blog about the job on 2nd Jan)

It must be strange for people to watch a cancer victim walking out from their oncologist with a big smile but that “feel good” feeling was definitely with me.

Last but not least the blog site is doing incredibly well. We have now achieved 11,650 viewers from 75 countries. The site is creating a powerful awareness presences worldwide.

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