Dove – symbols of purity, peace, love, and harmony

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How about something completely different for a change.

A Dove

Scientific Name:Streptopelia risoria var.

Distribution:   The White Dove, Sacred White Dove, or Java Dove are a white mutation of the Ringneck Dove. Like the other Ringnecks, they are only known to exist as a domesticated bird.

Description:     White Doves are small birds, about 12″ from head to tail. They will live an average of 10 – 15 years, though some may live over 25 years. 
In the 1800’s & early 1900’s the Ringneck Dove and the White Dove were considered to be two different species/races of dove due to the difference in their coloration. They were labeled the “Blond Ringneck”

Our Dove Story

On the 10th of June we had a visitor. Not invited as Anita was just finished medical isolation & I am still medically isolated. But what a visitor.

I had just gone from my home office into the kitchen and I spotted a pure white bird in our driveway. I called Anita into the kitchen and she was mesmerized. It was an Angel Dove pure white and no ring, which meant it was wild. Or possibly very young, it’s difficult to place an age on birds. If she is young then she may have escaped from the breeder and we are now asking around to find out.

Now I have an African Grey Parrot called Harry who is 19 years old, young for a Grey, and I have him from been a chick. So we have ample Parrot food. I grabbed a small amount of seed and threw it out the window thinking it would fly off but it didn’t. Went out into the driveway with more seed and the Dove almost came to me. But it flew off. I went back into the house and as I walked by the kitchen window it was on the window ledge. The Dove went after a few minutes.

Next morning at about 8am I was in the utility room preparing Harry’s breakfast and spotted the Dove walking around the front driveway. I opened the window to throw out some seed but unfortunately frightened her away. About 2:30 Anita called me to the back door. There on the wall was the Dove. So again I took a handful of seed and approached her. I knelt down reached out my hand and this time she eat out of my hand

And Anita’s

Every day since she has appeared sometimes early sometimes late but more regular than the previous day. She flys off in the early afternoon everyday. I have never seen a Dove in the wild like this in Ireland let alone feed from a human hand. Our resident Robin is getting jealous

I read this somewhere: Get this

Doves teach us that, regardless of external circumstances, peace is always a touch a way – within us – and always available. It is said that if a dove flies into your life, you are being asked to go within and release your emotional disharmony. The dove helps us to rid the trauma stored deep within our cellular memory. Doves carry the energy of promise. When inner conflicts are banished from our thoughts, words and feelings, goodness awaits.

The dove’s roles as spirit messenger, maternal symbol and liaison impart an inner peace that helps us to go about our lives calmly and with purpose.

This photo is not zoomed, I am less than 2ft away from her

What a magnificent creature

Snow, as we now call her, has a habit of following me down the garden and actually walking beside me till I get her some seed. I am completely caught here, I don’t want to try and cage her as she does fly off somewhere every day, if this bird has a nest then it must be kept free. We’re meeting our Vet tomorrow as our dog Benji has been unwell and hopefully the Vet can shine some light on this or at least get word out that this beautiful has been found. She has definitely started to adopt us. Our house is semi rural and there are a lot of beautiful birds about, mostly small ones but a few hawks and owls, the hawks are large birds and where Snow seems to be able to scare off crows I can’t see her been able to fend off a hawk

I am kinda stuck for words on this. Most people wouldn’t believe this could happen, not in Ireland anyway.

Sometimes in life we forget how beautiful nature really is, to be gifted by this magnificent birds presence should be considered a rare honour. Her presence fills me with such a humbling peaceful feeling I can’t describe.

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