CT NTAP May 2022

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CT-NTAP is a Cat Scan examination of combined anatomical regions were neck-thorax-abdomen-pelvis (NTAP), thorax-abdomen (TA), thorax-abdomen-pelvis (TAP), and abdomen-pelvis (AP).

There have been delays in getting these organised. Initially the oncologist wanted to admit me for a few days but he seemed to have changed his mind.

As a result I had my full blood test IgG which is for infection history but I organised this last week in Tralee. So here I am drinking a contrast dye for the next 2 hours in Bon Secours Cork. This scan is twofold firstly, I have had recurring pneumonia and they are studying the connection between pneumonia, lymphoma and stem cell transplant. The second reason is the I have passed 4 1/2 years in remission and approaching 5 years. So a milestone for all concerned as I was diagnosed as terminal 3 times in 2014 and 2017.

The scan is a big thing for me. I have a “no fly” restriction due to pneumonia at the moment and I need to visit a long term friend in Lanzarote who is undergoing chemotherapy for an aggressive form of Sarcoma. He is battling this in the same manner as I did, completely positive attitude & for all accounts he is winning the battle. My 60th birthday is also rapidly approaching in June, my 40th was celebrated in Lanzarote and I will hopefully celebrate my 60th there. We are coaching a number of cancer victims both here in Ireland & in Spain. The need to sit with these people is now a prime objective. Phone, FaceTime, Zoom are great but face to face is vital.

Surprisingly, following the CT NTAP they also did an MRI to my neck. This was unusual and completely unexpected. So my oncologist is covering all aspects. I hope to have the report next week from both of these scans.

I’ll update this page once I get the scan results

Since moving into the new house on 28th of Feb I have kept busy. The house is only 15 years old but needed a lot of work. It had been rented for about 12 years and neglected. But against the last house this one is easier. The list of jobs done to date…..

New central heating oil burner (an unexpected expense)

Emptied both storage units from Cork (took 3 van loads) I have a lot of tools for DIY

Attic properly insulated

Hall revamped

Living room revamped

Kitchen revamped & all new appliances installed

Alarm system installed

CCTV installed

All bedrooms revamped

New stove placed in living room

New suite of furniture to master bedroom plus new carpet

En-suite shower replaced with new trip and wiring

Remodelled main guest room

Roof repaired

Dining room completed

Reset the second bedroom into a bedroom office (picked up an L Shape Sofa that folds out to a double bed) this is one of my favourite rooms

Bedroom/ office

Partially floored attic

Painted full exterior of the house

Removed a 20ft shed that was rotten and got a beautiful 10ft shed to replace it. Just completed wiring for electrics & added to alarm system

New decking area done

Lots of replacement switches, sockets, consumer trips etc etc etc. it’s an extensive list of plumbing, electrical, painting, carpentry and gardening- but I love it and for the first time in years I actually love this home

Garden commenced. But with a new puppy Alfie “Bebop” the Jack Russell I will not be planting much this year.

In 8 weeks I have managed to cover all the above with only odd jobs left to do. The reality is that I’m free to work away at living without repair work looming. The odd jobs list is small.

So my search for my next career move will commence again. Pending scans. If I get the all clear to travel then in reality I’m looking at returning to the work place in mid June. But all of this rests with the oncologist. He originally diagnosed me as Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma in Feb 2014 & since then we have become close. He initially was stunned by my approach as “bring it on” – he even nicknamed me a “Chemo monster” back in 2017. I trust him and he trust me. It’s a big part of treatment – I rarely say I’m not feeling well and if I tell him I’m unwell they it’s like a red rag to a bull – he pulls out all the stops. The flight restrictions is for my protection due to pneumonia but as I’ve spent weeks getting the house sorted the pneumonia is just interference for me, it hasn’t really slowed me down but at times it’s a struggle.

The site is now up for renewal and we have yet to find a sponsor. I am currently unemployed so struggling to make ends meet. But the search will continue, it’s not massive money but for someone unemployed it’s difficult. I have had to shy away from travelling to meet victims because of costs associated with travel. My house refurbishment was vital but has substantially impacted funds. For the 36,000 followers out there I must maintain the positive awareness but the struggle is financial and hopefully someone will help us continue this blog site. Only those who have been touched with cancer will understand what a positive mindset can do. If anyone knows a company willing to help please let us know

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