Three in a row…. May 2020

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12th May 2020

They say bad things come in 3’s But 3’s can come in goods things

How about these 3…


1. Anita’s follow up appointment was today with her gynaecologist oncologist following her operation two weeks ago. The lymph node came back as clear, the VIN does not appear to have spread and the skin cancer is clear. So remission after six weeks since first diagnosed. Next appointment 3 months.

The next two are only in the order that we were told…


2. Two days ago we got some great news. Nuala, the beautiful young lady who came through the same treatment as myself got a shock. Nuala was told in 2018 that following her stem cell transplant she could never have a child, she was told she was in menopause at 23. Nuala went to see her oncologist for pains in her intestines only to be told she was 34 weeks pregnant. Baby boy due 24th June, 6 weeks from now WOW


3. You may have read an article I wrote a few months ago, actually 100 days ago about a lovely couple in Australia that we have been in regular contact with, Libby & Pete. Pete underwent a stem cell transplant 100 days ago & today they got the results of his PET scan. It’s clear, Pete is in Remission

So congratulations Anita, Nuala and Pete.

Absolutely overjoyed for you all

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