The Last Post for 2019

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Waited for Christmas Day to release this post.

This is how has spread awareness

In 2017 we had 4,500 views

In 2018 we had 7,300 views

This year we exceeded 10,000 views

A total of 21,800 people from 135 countries have viewed our pages since we commenced in 2017. It is great to see Awareness getting to so many people Worldwide.

I completed a page last week called Think Ahead and pointed to the 3 charities I support but I did not include this site. This site is maintained using whatever donations we receive through the below GoFundMe account and I pay the balance. The site accounts for treatment I received since first diagnosed in February 2014. I waited nearly 3 years to really commence writing. We link into our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social media sites but that is it, The pages appear high on Google searches and I never expected this to grow much. The pages are summaries of how I personally responded to chemotherapy radiotherapy and a stem cell transplant. I very rarely change any of the pages particularly for treatment received from April 2017. Most of the pages were written on the particular days of treatment and reflect my reactions & mental state at the time

The pages do not reflect opinions but more actual facts

Since my remission in 2018 I have designed a number of pages with various topics and health updates.

If people send me an email I will answer them but after that it is really up to them to acknowledge or follow up. If you do not receive an answer it generally means I did not get the mail. Please also keep in mind that I am in full time employment which is not connected in anyway to this site, I do not view incoming e-mails for HLAI while in work, The exceptions to responding are where people are trying to sell something, spam mails, website upgrading or looking for money – this is not a charity site it is an awareness site

Thanks to international translations sites I can communicate in most languages but English is my native language so it is also my preferred one.

As above I will not correct any errors made on the pages from the therapy, because these were produced during therapy they are a real account of what happened. On this factor I have spent close to 460 actual hours on Chemotherapy during the 3 different Chemos, A.B.V.D, I.C.E and B.E.A.M – so the pages are really just a summary of events. It would be impossible to write everything in details. However I do get into finer details when I am asked. I would say that everything I discuss is based on my experience and as we know every victim is different. We can never pigeon hole Cancer. We can highlight types, stages, percentages and so on. But every person undergoing chemotherapy will have different side effects and experiences. I can only help explain the procedures. I have also noticed over the past year that treatment differs not only with Oncologist approaches but Countries. Some of this would be down to again gender, age, types and stages – Oncologists also look at the patients approach and physical capabilities to take some of the drugs involved in the various chemotherapy & radiotherapy. Everything is taken into account before they commence treatment. A great factor in ongoing cancer research is that medical science learn by their mistakes. Procedures since my initial treatment ABVD in 2014 and my SCT in 2017 have changed for the better. But overall the primary importance is the success rate and insuring that we finally beat Cancer for once and for all.

So here is a photo of the worldwide visitation.

I will continue to add to the site in 2020 and hopefully the views will continue to climb. My next medical appointment is with the eye specialist in very early January, followed by a CT-NTAP prior to my next meeting with the oncologist in February. My only other appointment is during the Christmas break for the Hemiplegic Migraine attack in Nov that has not reoccurred (thank God for that). I hope to get cleared to drive at night again.

But after dressing up as Santa and completing all my deliveries it is time to take a well earned break…and yes doctor I am not driving at night as you can see below

Anybody spot the Teddy bear ?????

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