Diagnoses March 2017 My Relapse Begins 

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The diagnosis was so severe that the Oncologist said that we did not have enough time to look for a donor, the chances with or without treatment of surviving till my next birthday was less than 5%, my next birthday was the 12th of June, this was the 30th of March – 10 weeks. To become a self donor (autologuou) for a stem cell transplant you have to undergo high levels of chemotherapy called ICE. And so the story continues with my blog.

It did not shock me. I had nearly 6 months of test after test. My gut feeling was that I was in trouble. But yet again I begin another war against Lymphoma, but this time it is rare, some class this as Stage 4 Multiple Lymphoma others as advaced life ending Terminal Lymphoma. So many references but the reality was a battle back into hell with my old friend Mr Hodgkin’s

I don’t really care what its called but what I care about is continuing my positive approach to this war, it will not beat me but even if it does I will go out fighting.

Anita was at the oncology meeting and could see the oncologist getting upset, she was more alerted to the fact that I was sitting rigidly still, my eyes according to Anita had turned bright blue, she later mentioned that it was freighting to see how controlled I was and that the look was not fear but a decisive look the would kill. And Anita had summed that up well. I was preparing for battle from the second my oncologist told me.

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