Oncologist Meeting 21st August 2018

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Oncologist meeting 21st August 2018 Second meeting with Oncologist

So here we are + 404 days past Stem Cell Transplant (the plus means each day since transplant). And 166 days in full remission. The good news is that this blog page is substantially shorter than the last one.

We have now touched 8,000 visitors from 68 countries worldwide. And these figures are rising by the day. Its all about awareness

I had my blood test on Friday 17th August. One of the blood test is called an erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) measure how much inflammation is in the body. It is the rate at which red blood cells sediment in a period of one hour.

So the meeting today commenced with the results from the test. For the first time since Feb 2014 my ESR count is normal, in my last test it was 25 today it was 11 actually in the oncologist own words “perfect” every part of the blood test was normal. Then commenced the physical examination and again everything was better than good.

End result I am still in full remission and I don’t have to meet him again till January 2019 (unless I’m not feeling good)

It gets better.. Now keep in mind that in March 2017 I was told I had less than a 5% chance of surviving to June 2017, in July 2017 I was in palliative care with days to live. Today I was told that by 2020, all going good, I will only need to meet the oncology team twice a year and by 2022 once a year. It is so good to hear the medical team talking about years no months, weeks or days – not percentages or chances but years. What a change a year can make you never really know what tomorrow brings .

I am really stuck for words here but to all those in care or beginning chemotherapy for any form of Lymphoma it is beatable


Thank you for your continued support

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      1. I agree completely Ian. It’s all about the amount of warfare your body can sustain within itself. I have just followed in your footsteps and you painted a crystal clear view into the task that lay ahead before its undertaking. Thanks a million for sharing your ‘clinical’ experience!


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