Diabetes Type 2 Oct 2015

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With all the steroids used in ABVD I got Type 1 Diabetes and had originally required insulin injections which following ABVD. In September 2014 this was reclassed as Type 2 with Metformin 2 x 500mg twice a day. I had a routine diabetic blood test in September 2015 and the doctor called me to advice that I was to reduce the metformin to 500mg twice a day for 3 days then one 500 a day for 3 days and that was it I had officially beaten Type 2 Diabetics.

This was unusual in a lot of ways. I had originally been told that I would not be able to control the blood sugar and that I would need to self inject for the rest of my life. Dropping down to Type 2 with Metformin gave me a lot of hope, but I never imagined that my Blood Sugar would return to normal. Some specialist pointed out that Chemotherapy Induced diabetes was only a temporary situation but when I was diagnosed I was told the opposite. We learn something new every day

Just a footnote Its still unclear if this was Type 1 or 2. My oncologist did say Type 1 and that it dropped to Type 2. But its cleared and that’s the import part  

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