Oncologist Meeting 22nd May 2018

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22th of May 2018

It’s now 10 months (312 days) since my Stem Cell Transplant and nearly 4 months since been placed in remission (116 days).

I had blood tests on Friday 18th May

I have taken a step backwards here by doing this blog as “active or live” so there is no prep, so it’s the first unprepared blog this year. As you all know my Mum passed away on 9th of April 2018 and I had to prepare the house for sale. My hunt for a job took a back seat as my mind was elsewhere.

Some original symptoms had reoccurred which were a major concern. The force of these symptoms is more severe than last year both with my neck & eye. Itchy skin is also a possible sign and for the past few months I have had this issue. So the medical team wanted to see if this was stress related or not. Throughout my pages I have urged victims to be upfront and detailed about symptoms to their medical team, so I will be doing as I preach very shortly

The original appointment was for Thursday 24th but I got a call yesterday that the Oncologist wanted to see me sooner and moved the meeting to today

The mental build up to today has been unbelievable, we know that the B plan was the Stem Cell Transplant last year and basically there is no C plan. As I started to write this post in the waiting room for my Oncologist at this time 4pm on this day 22nd May 2018 I will be next in to see him. Talk about any level of stress and anticipation I can assure you that waiting here and waiting for news from an oncologist is way beyond most people’s imagination it can be defined in one word as “terrifying” especially when he called me in 2 days earlier than the appointment (this is one of the leading Lymphoma specialist in Ireland and his appointment dairy is booked months ahead of time), On three occasions in four years I have been diagnosed as terminal and have beaten the odds. So at this point good or bad I’m ready or at least I feel I’m ready. Good or bad I’m ready to battle Lymphoma and feel like I could audition for Rocky 3 – go on throw the stone at me cause I’ll thrown a fucking mountain back at you

12 months to the day Tuesday since the first meeting with Transplant team, amazing how dates start been so significant

My name has just been called. I will update the page once I’m out…….


And it’s all clear.

The ESR blood test was a little high but everything else was normal. The oncologist done a full physical check and was more than happy.

He put the reoccurring symptoms down to how severe the Stem Cell Transplant was and obviously the level of stress with my Mum passing. But that’s it clear and don’t have to see him again for 3 months

Oh yes, just Incase your wondering why I’m meeting the Oncologist every 3 to 4 months. Because a large part of this therapy was clinical trial & the advanced level of cancer it is vital that the team push to learn by how I have been cured. These trials help others and the more they know and the more they can discover from my experience then the greater chance of the methods used on me will work for so many others.

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