Lymphoma Awareness Month September 2018

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This is now my fourth Lymphoma Awareness year, and how the years fly in.

I was diagnosed with Stage 4b Hodgkins Lymphoma in Feb 2014, September 2014 was a time that I was recovering from ABVD chemotherapy – my first Lymphoma Awareness Month September 2014

September 2015 I was recovering from operations to my throat and neck – so that’s a little blurred

September 2016 I was in remission and working away, not even suspecting a relapse

September 2017 I was in recovery mode from the Stem Cell Transplant, but still classed as critical Stage 4 Lymphoma and this blog was only active a little over five month – I relapsed in March 2017 and needed rescue procedures for Terminal Stage 4 Lymphoma including ICE Chemotherapy, BEAM Chemotherapy followed be a full Stem Cell Transplant

September 2018 I’m in remission now six months. I decided I wanted to study Awareness a few months ago and basically practice what I seem to constantly preach.

Over the past year I have progressed to place qualifications behind experience. Normally it’s the other way around but I am not known to do things “normally”. Then this course appeared called Cancer Awareness and I decided to do it, but I wanted to qualify in September as September is the Lymphoma Awareness month. As you can see below I got a distinction – which is properly more down to personal experience than extreme studying. I did include the awareness month last year but only briefly as I was more intent on writing the summary than reflecting Awareness

This course is more general than one type of Cancer it covers a vast area in a very professional manner. So my fourth year is a celebration of Awareness and not only awareness but the basic fact that I am in remission following two extensive battles with Lymphoma. It is beatable, it is curable and together we are stronger


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