Post Stem Cell Transplant Discharged 2017

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Post Day plus 13 Wed 26th July 2017

From the beginning of treatment I was told that the absolute minimum time spent in hospital recovering would be Plus 30 Days and up to 3 months – yet here I am in a taxi heading to my Mum’s house to meet Anita, we’re staying in Dublin tonight and heading home to Cork tomorrow.

How fucking good is that, I beat the earliest released HLD NHL record by 3 days. It’s not about beating records as there is no way on this earth would the medical team allow me home unless 1000% happy with me.

So basically the early 6am bloods were done, they came back good. Physical test were excellent. Ability to eat was poor but they agreed home cooking by me works fine. Mentally strong. Obviously my body has taken a pounding & I have lost about 10kgs so extra care is needed. I have a massive list of what not to do. So extreme care for the next month is a plan.

The Professor herself came in with the discharge papers and an enormous hug. And a quickly as I was admitted I was out. I walked to reception and asked for a taxi. It arrived minutes later. I looked through the back window of the cab as the hospital left view thinking “how did I do that” it’s some feeling to think that less than a week ago I had 6 hours of life left.

Blood test for next 3 weeks in Bon Secours 

My welcome home Day +14 Finally able to upload this video. 27 July 2017, Day + 14 following my Stem Cell Transplant. This is really what you call a welcome home

Benji’s Welcome Home Dad.

Click to enlarge the video,,,,

100 days from Transplant I will have a PET Scan which I reckon will be 21st October 

I know I keep saying this but the Professor Doctors, Nurses, help staff & canteen staff are unbelievable awesome. So initially we had expected to be in hospital for 4 weeks and packed as well as possible under instinctions that only a small suitcase would be allowed. Managed to pack enough to cover me for just over 3 weeks (assume I would be allowed ware the same PJs twice) but with dailies changes during week 2 we were heading for trouble. As Anita has a stress fracture to her right foot it was impossible for her to drive up and back. But my 80 year old neighbor rang me on Monday and offered to drive over collect my cloths wash then dry them and have them back that evening. How wonderful is that. Also a young lady who I have not meet in 25 years but has been in contact constantly since I was re-diagnosed offered any help needed last week so thank you Rachael. But no need thank god but the offers where gratefully received

So the path to recovery begins. I am under no illusions as to how sick I still am. I have lost a massive amount of weight and the next few months will be a real challenge to build up lost strength. I have planned a daily walk starting with about 1klm and building to about 5klm. Its a wonderful summer here and the weather is perfect for walking.

I’m alive and getting better – what more could I ask for

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